Delevel Manager

Special service NPC for changing characters level. Change level available by specified item Id. After changing the level always checks the skill list and adds new skills or deletes skills who not available for this level.

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Temporary Items for Interlude

Implementation of temporary item’s system from higher chronicles for Interlude servers. One difference with retail system, is not displayed the remaining time for temporary item. Interlude client have many limitations for this. But it can be solved using unique HTML page with showing all temporary items for character – location and remaining time.

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Special Scrolls for Any Grade

This is the VIP scrolls implementation. The scrolls was created with two types: weapon and armor. Weapon scroll uses for enchanting all weapons of any grades except No-Grade (useless feature). Armor scroll uses for enchanting all armors, jewels, shields of any grades except No-Grade. For all this scrolls available separated configs for chances like for regular scrolls.

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